To ensure a complete Maryland area Home Inspection, here are some things to check before your Licensed Inspector arrives:

  • Ensure items that may block our access to any part of the property are moved.
  • Keep all animals on the property under control.
  • Water heater and laundry appliances area is accessible.
  • Attic or Crawlspace access is free from obstructions or obstacles.
  • All utilities should be turned on (water / electric / gas)
  • All locks should be removed or unlocked from all areas such as doors, attics, garages, etc.
  • Furnace and/or Cooling System components are readily accessible and not blocked by storage.
  • Kitchen appliances are ready to inspect (cooking utensils not stored in oven or microwave)
  • All sinks and bathtubs are clear and ready for water to be run

Please allocate plenty of time for the inspection to be conducted as professionally and thoroughly as possible. Many inspections can take 3 hours or longer to complete depending on the property size and findings. We want your inspection to go as smoothly as possible.